Young Adult Friends Gathering, 2010

The YAF 2010 Advance Materials
2010/03/02, 10:43 PM
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The documents below have been prepared by the planning committee to help give some sense of what to expect at the gathering in Wichita this May. We encourage you to read these documents before coming to the gathering in Wichita, and to share them with other young adult Friends in your area.

Use these documents as a source of preparation for the experience of gathering together with other young adult Quakers from across the North American continent, with all of its diversity in culture, ways of thinking and styles of worshiping God.

1) A Short History of Friends – from Wil Cooper’s A Living Faith: Download

2) A Quick Overview of the History and Diversity of Friends: Download

3) Expectations for Community: Download

4) General Gathering Information: Download

5) Queries and Reading for Reflection: Download

6) A Brief History of Young Adult Friends in North America: Download

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